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mercredi 17 juillet 2019 à 18:25
No disrespect. I really wish to understand. How are Zeus and Hera the gods who preside over the bond of marriage, when Zeus has fallen in love with other women countless times? When Zeus clearly is disloyal, unfaithful? When Hera, instead of knowing her worth, being with someone else who deserves her or choosing to be fulfilled in herself alone... would rather live a life of anger and jealousy towards "the other women", not seeing that the problem lies in Zeus and not them? Thank you in advance.

Bien vu.

(en dessous, ça part en discussion plus ou moins argumentée)

Mais ça m’emmène à poser une autre question : doit-on être irréprochable sur telle ou telle principe avant de vouloir l’imprégner aux autres ?

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