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Your First LTE | Open5GS

mercredi 26 avril 2023 à 09:34

All Pretend in Ze Us

mardi 25 avril 2023 à 22:32

Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information With US Chip-Maker | Nitrokey

mardi 25 avril 2023 à 14:24

C'est vraiment de la merde Qualcomm -_-

GitHub - Stability-AI/StableLM: StableLM: Stability AI Language Models

mardi 25 avril 2023 à 09:45

Mullvad VPN was subject to a search warrant. Customer data not compromised - Blog | Mullvad VPN

jeudi 20 avril 2023 à 15:45

GitHub - RihaMaheshwari/OSCP-Preparation-Material: All in One OSCP Preparation Material

jeudi 20 avril 2023 à 10:16

Web Security

mercredi 19 avril 2023 à 15:00

Cwtch: Decentralized, Surveillance Resistant Infrastructure

mardi 18 avril 2023 à 15:08

Secure messaging, anywhere - Briar

mardi 18 avril 2023 à 15:06

GitHub - n0mi1k/pmkidcracker: A tool to crack WPA2 passphrase with PMKID value without clients or de-authentication

mardi 18 avril 2023 à 10:04

mjg59 | PSA: upgrade your LUKS key derivation function

mardi 18 avril 2023 à 09:09

Infrastructures numériques de communication pour les anarchistes (et tous les autres…) – Framablog

lundi 17 avril 2023 à 19:36


lundi 17 avril 2023 à 14:33

How I Used Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth to Create A Painted Portrait of My Dog - In this post, we walk through my entire workflow/process for bringing Stable Diffusion to life as a high-quality framed art print. We’ll touch on making art with Dreambooth, Stable Diffusion, Outpainting, Inpainting, Upscaling, preparing for print with Photoshop, and finally printing on fine-art paper with an Epson XP-15000 printer.

lundi 17 avril 2023 à 09:24

A Comprehensive Tutorial on How to Practically Build and Deploy 5G Networks Using Open-Source Software and General-Purpose, Off-the-Shelf Hardware · Issue 6

lundi 17 avril 2023 à 09:13

GitHub - fsphil/hacktv: Analogue TV transmitter for the HackRF

vendredi 14 avril 2023 à 15:54

SQLite performance tuning - Scaling SQLite databases to many concurrent readers and multiple gigabytes while maintaining 100k SELECTs per second - phiresky's blog

jeudi 13 avril 2023 à 09:26

Rust tutorial

jeudi 13 avril 2023 à 09:03

GitHub - myspaghetti/macos-virtualbox: Push-button installer of macOS Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra guests in Virtualbox for Windows, Linux, and macOS

mercredi 12 avril 2023 à 09:59

GitHub - ihebski/DefaultCreds-cheat-sheet: One place for all the default credentials to assist the Blue/Red teamers activities on finding devices with default password 🛡️

mardi 11 avril 2023 à 10:21
pip3 install defaultcreds-cheat-sheet
creds search tomcat